Paul Goerg

Portrait of Paul Goerg

Portrait of Paul Goerg

In the beginning, it was a question of a few dedicated, ambitious and determined wine producers joining forces to promote their terroir and produce a truly outstanding champagne.  The year was 1950 and, altogether, there were 19 of them.

The end result of this association was Champagne Paul Goerg, which now brings together 110 producers that carefully tend 120 hectares of Premier Cru vines planted on the renowned Cote des Blancs.

This association of producers this decided to christen their champagne Paul Goerg.  As an eminent character from the area in the 19th century, a regional councillor and mayor of Vertus, Paul Goerg left his own distinctive mark on the period through his commitment to the town’s growers and producers.  Champagne Paul Goerg pays tribute to a man who was extraordinarily proud of his region and greatly attached to its terroir.Champagne Racks at Paul Goerg

Paul Goerg’s personality, his love of and respect for the terroir, his dedication and the values to which he was so very attached are now reflected in a champagne that judiciously combines finesse, fruitiness, complexity, and character.

Paul Goerg Vineyards

In the making of Paul Goerg champagne, every detail is vital, a major asset and guarantee of the perpetuation of a certain house style.

An outstanding vineyard designated as Premier Cru, meticulous selection at harvest time and delicate pressing to glean only the quintessential qualities of the grape.  The awakening and reawakening of the wine in a modern vat-room that meets with the most exacting of requirements.  The safeguarding of tradition upon the introduction of modern techniques.  The emergence of subtle blends embodying the aromas of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes.  The incorporation of superb reserve wines to guarantee consistency of quality.  Followed by cellar ageing well beyond the requirements for the appellation.

But also all those who contribute their efforts, their talent and knowledge, their shared dedication and the painstaking attention they pay to every tiny detail.  The pride that comes from offering a top-quality champagne, a panoply of cuvees enriched by a medly of aromas and nuances, reminiscent of an artist’s painting palette.

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